At Twenty Four Hair we are always looking for new ideas and products to wow our salon guests and I think we have managed this with our great new make-up range, New CID, which we launched on the 7th July.

Makeovers can work miracles. They boost your self-esteem, help you learn new application techniques and generally put that sparkle and fun back in to applying make-up, which as us women all know can be a real chore!

In choosing the New CID range, we decided to choose a make-up range that listened to what women want. A lot of women feel that make up shopping is overwhelming, with too many fashion-led shades which aren’t always wearable or easy to apply. The New CID range of products has women’s needs at the heart of its values and the results achieved are amazing, as see at the launch event, when Haley showed us girls some great methods and tips.

The launch evening was a great success and we've had lots of positive feedback about the evening and the new range of products. Since the launch our clients have enjoyed using the make-up and a number of follow on orders and referrals have begun to flow, so thank you for your support. 

The TwentyFour Hair team have all been trained in the products and application techniques and have lots of hints and tips to share with you. Don’t be shy, they are more than happy to spend some time with you. In fact, we are offering mini make-over’s, bridal and prom make-up and make-up lesson parties, so there is no excuses ladies for anything but flawless make-up..... well after some practice! 

If you would like more info on this please call the salon on 01844 342444 and ask to talk to Clare or Polly.

Clare xx